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Kids Hints and Tips

1. Place a damp wash cloth in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer,when baby starts teething remove the the cloth from the bag and let them chew on it,  it's soothing to there gums.

2. Babies teething toys can be cleaned and sanitized by securing them to the top basket of the dish washer when doing a load of dishes.

3. Use 20 Mule Team Borax to wash baby clothes ,if clothing is stained soak them for 30 minutes in 20 Mule Team Borax ,then put them through the wash cycle.

4. When washing and drying kids sleepwear or any other clothing that is flame-retardent do not use softner or dryer sheets ,it removes the retardent.

5. This is an old time home remedy, keep a bottle of Witch Hazel on hand along with a package of cosmetic pads.When your little one falls and bumps their head ,soak a cosmetic pad with Witch Hazel and place it on the bump. It will take the swelling down and help prevent bruising. Witch Hazel is located on the first aid aisle usually near the rubbing alcohol.

6. keep frozen pops on hand if your toddler falls and splits his /her lip,by giving them the frozen pop it will stop the swelling and numb the pain.

7. When potty training using the reward system can be helpful. Make a chart and let the child pick out their favorite stickers,every time they go potty make a big deal out of it and let them pick out a sticker to put on their chart.Remember to be patient this is one area they are in control of,it's basically all in their time frame.

8. When traveling with kids take along a box of wipes, they come in handy for washing hands and faces and cleaning up messes.

9. Yuck!! Found a bottle or sippy cup with soured milk that was left in the car?wash it out thoroughly with hot soapy water,then twist a piece of newspaper up and put it inside and screw the top on,the newspaper will absorb the odor in about a week or so.

10. When traveling with older children large plastic cutting boards or plastic trays make a good lap desk for them to do their activities on.

11. Licorice Laces in kids favorite flavor can be made into a necklace by stringing on Fruit Loops or their favorite flavor Cheerios, yum,yum.

12. Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless orderless killer,protect your loved ones by purchasing a Carbon Monoxide Detector,there as easy to install as a Smoke Detector.

13. I know you have heard this before but never leave a child unattended in a car, it can lead to a tragic situation in a very short time.

14. When little ones are learning to put their shoes on, learning which shoe goes on the right foot can be a challenge. Place a piece of adhesive tape on the inside of the right shoe with the word right and a star, this will help them to recognize the right from the left.

15. Use a plastic shower curtain liner to cover the mattress on kids beds to prevent soiling in case of an accident.

16. When younger kids begin to get bored with their toys, put some of the toys away for a few weeks, then bring them back out. Alternate the toys every few weeks and the kids think they have something new to play with.