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Automotive Tips
1. Car and truck repairs can be done at an auto mechanics school for a fraction of the cost of a garage or repair shop. The students do the work supervised by certified teachers, that insures the work is done properly. The only cost to you is for the parts needed.

2. To help maintain your car or truck change the oil and filter every 3000 miles, make sure to check all fluids to make sure they are  full, including battery and radiator.Also check all belts and hoses for wear and splits.If belts are worn replace them.Be sure to check tires for proper inflation for better gas mileage and tire wear.

3. To keep windshield and back glass from fogging clean them with shaving cream.Then wipe them with a clean cloth or paper towel.Repeat as necessary.

4. To help repel the dust on dashboards between cleanings wipe with a used dryer sheet.

5. To remove pet hair from upholstery put a latex rubber glove on your hand and wipe over seats. A sponge also works well.

6. Keep a package of unscented wipes in your car or truck in case of spills or for quick clean ups.

7. Soaking window decals with baby wipes will soften the adhesive allowing for easier removal of decal.

8. Tire dealers sometimes offer slightly used tires for sale, that have been replaced with upgrades or new rims and tires. Next time you need tires ask your dealer if he has any slightly used tires in your size to save you money.

9. If you have children or pets that ride in the back seat, put an old sheet over the seat to protect the upholstery plus it's machine washable.

10. If you need mats in you car or truck try using indoor outdoor carpeting.

11. To neutralize ash tray smells in your car sprinkle the tray with baking soda.